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For over 500 years, Scotch whisky has been crafted using just three natural ingredients – water, yeast, and malted barley. Maturation in oak casks imparts depth, flavour, and complexity to create one of the world’s most beloved spirits.

The global market for Scotch whisky has steadily grown to an estimated value of £6.2 billion in 2022. Approximately 53 bottles ship from Scotland every second, reaching over 180 countries worldwide making whisky a great alternative investment solution.

As demand increases, the value of whisky casks has risen substantially. Investing in a cask allows you to own a tangible asset that appreciates over the years of maturation. When the time is right, there are multiple exit strategies to sell your whisky at a premium.

Whisky By Time provides exclusive access to casks from Scotland’s most coveted distilleries. Our team of experts have decades of experience building relationships within the industry to source only the finest whiskies.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio or complete your personal collection, we make acquiring whisky casks simple, secure, and rewarding.

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WhyBuy Whisky Casks As An Alternative Investment?

Investing in a whisky cask offers a unique opportunity to own a tangible asset that consistently appreciates in value over time. It is a great alternative investment market and here are some of the key benefits:

  • Growing Global Demand – Scotch whisky exports have grown steadily over the last decade as the spirit’s global popularity continues rising.
  • Limited Supply – The finite number of casks available makes this a scarce commodity. No more whisky can be produced until the current stock finishes maturation.
  • Inflation Hedge – Whisky has historically performed well even during times of inflation and economic instability. The value stands independent of broader financial markets.
  • Portable Asset – Casks can be easily stored and transported if needed. This portability adds an advantage over hard-to-move assets like property.
  • Tangible Product – You own a physical cask of whisky, not just shares or contracts. This tangible product is satisfying to own.
  • Customisation – Options like cask type, distillery, age, and private bottling allow you to customise your investment.

How toBuy Whisky Casks

At Whisky By Time, our team of experts makes acquiring whisky casks simple and rewarding. Here is an overview of the process of owning one of these alternative investments:

1. Consultation

We get to know you, your interests and your investing goals to determine the ideal cask specifications and purchase amount.

2. Source Quality Casks

We leverage our industry connections to source high-demand casks from renowned distilleries.

3. Handle Logistics

We take care of all paperwork and contracts to complete the purchase seamlessly. Importantly, we provide clients with the delivery order, giving full ownership of the cask assets.

4. Monitor Maturation

During the years of ageing, the warehouses where the whisky casks are being held will routinely inspect and test the casks.

5. Exit Strategy

When the time is right, we advise on timing and facilitate the optimal sale method for you.

6. Ongoing Support

Our team supports you before, during, and after purchase to ensure satisfaction.

We handle everything from sourcing coveted casks to managing the sale. Contact us today to learn more about acquiring your ideal whisky cask investment.

StoringYour Whisky Casks

At Whisky By Time, we provide secure warehouse storage and insurance for the casks you purchase. Our storage facilities ensure ideal conditions for maturation.

Warehouse Locations – We utilise HMRC-approved warehouses across Scotland, including Maclean & Bruce and North of Scotland. These are some of the largest and most reputable whisky warehouses worldwide.

Security – Warehouse security includes CCTV monitoring, motion sensors, strict access controls, and regular audits. Your casks will be safe.

Insurance – All casks are fully insured against damage, theft, or loss. You can have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Ideal Conditions – Our warehouses maintain perfect temperature, humidity, and ventilation for undisturbed maturation.

Routine Monitoring – We regularly check cask contents and quality during the maturation process.

Your casks will be stored in the most secure, regulated warehouses in Scotland. We make the process hassle-free while providing complete visibility.

Sellingyour Whisky Cask

When you’re ready to take profits, we help facilitate the selling process to maximise your return on investment. Here are the exit strategies we advise and assist with:

Auction Sale – We can organise auctions through reputable houses like McTear’s for global bidding on your rare whisky.

Private Sale – Our connections allow us to directly broker private sales to collectors or other investors.

Retail Bottling – We can handle bottling and branding so you can sell your whisky yourself at premium retail prices.

Sell to Distilleries – Many distilleries seek quality aged stock and will pay well for desirable casks.

Resell to Whisky By Time – We may buy back casks we initially sold you once sufficiently matured.

With our expertise and industry network, we maximise proceeds while making the process efficient and hassle-free for you. Contact us to discuss your specific exit strategy.

How you canMake money buying whisky casks

When the time comes to sell your whisky cask, you can sell it directly to a buyer, at an auction or bottle and sell. No matter what path you choose, our London Cask Traders can provide guidance, support and advice every step of the way.

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Sell Your Cask for a Profit

One of the most popular ways to make money from whisky casks is to sell them for a profit. As the demand for whisky continues to grow, so does the value of whisky casks. The longer you hold on to your cask, the more valuable it becomes. You can sell your cask to a private collector, an auction house, or a whisky broker. Keep in mind that the value of your cask will depend on several factors, including the age, rarity, and quality of the whisky.

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Bottle Your Whisky and Sell It at a Premium

If you wait for your whisky to mature you can bottle it and sell as a premium product. This is a great way to make a substantial profit, as premium whisky can fetch high prices in the market. To ensure that your whisky is of the highest quality, it is important to store it in a cool, dry place and monitor its maturation process closely.

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Sell Your Whisky to a Distillery

Distilleries are always on the lookout for high-quality whisky to use in their blends, and they are willing to pay a premium for it. By selling your whisky to a distillery, you can make a swift profit without having to go through the process of bottling and marketing your product.

Collecting Whisky Casks has a number of advantages

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    The Historyand Craft of Scotch Whisky

    Scotch whisky is steeped in tradition and craftsmanship perfected over centuries. Here is a brief overview of how this prized spirit originated and evolved in Scotland:

    • Whisky production began in the 15th century when monks used distillation to create medicinal elixirs.
    • By the 1700s, hundreds of illegal “moonshine” whisky stills operated around Scotland.
    • The 1823 Excise Act legalised distillation and regulated the industry. This paved the way for licensed commercial distilleries to thrive.
    • Modern innovations like the Coffey still and Aeneas Coffey’s column helped ramp up mass production in the 19th century.
    • Prohibition in the 1920s severely hampered Scotch whisky exports, almost crippling the industry until repealed in the 1930s.
    • Whisky brands focused on quality and marketing in the late 20th century, aiming to premiumise Scotch globally.
    • The current era is an exciting time, with over 130 distilleries operating and new ones opening as demand keeps rising.

    Despite changes over time, whisky-making remains grounded in artisanal craft using traditional methods like distilling in copper pot stills and ageing in oak casks. This ancestry is the foundation for whisky’s enduring appeal.

    FrequentlyAsked questions

    How long should I mature my whisky cask?

    Most experts recommend maturing Scotch whisky casks for at least 8-12 years. But maturation for 20+ years can maximise complexity and value for highly desirable distilleries.

    Can I store my cask myself?

    No, UK regulations mandate all whisky casks be stored at approved, bonded warehouses. We handle storage at reputable facilities.

    When does a whisky legally become "Scotch"?

    To legally be considered Scotch whisky, the spirit must be distilled and matured in Scotland for at least 3 years.

    What are the tax implications of investing?

    No VAT or capital gains tax applies until bottling. Duty is paid when it's officially bottled and sold to consumers.

    How many bottles can I yield from one cask?

    The typical 500 litre sherry butt cask holds ~450 700ml bottles. Smaller barrels around 200 litres yield ~175 to 200 bottles.

    Can I customise a private bottling label/brand?

    Yes, we can assist with private bottling including labelling, branding, and packaging - offering a tailored experience.

    Do I get the Delivery Order for full ownership?

    Yes, unlike some whisky brokers, we provide clients with the Delivery Order for the casks purchased, giving you undisputed legal ownership.

    Can I get Private Accounts?

    We offer the option of Private Accounts so your cask assets are stored fully separately from our general stock.

    Is this a Free Hold Asset?

    Yes, purchasing a cask gives you outright freehold ownership as a physical asset to hold or sell.

    Start yourWhisky Cask Investment Journey

    We hope this overview has provided insight into the compelling benefits of investing in whisky casks – a tangible asset growing in demand worldwide.

    Whisky By Time removes all friction from acquiring casks directly from top Scotch whisky distilleries. Our experts handle everything from sourcing, purchasing, storage, maturation, and final sale.

    To learn more and begin your whisky investment journey, reach out today:
    Address:Whisky By Time, 60 Cannon Street London EC4N 6NP

    Let's connect to discuss your investing goals. Our team is ready to help you secure Scottish whisky casks of exceptional quality, rarity, and investment potential.


    Education is an important and enjoyable part of whisky collecting, as it’s a unique world with its own language and fundamentals. We are here to guide you through. See the glossary of terms and definitions:

    Whisky Image
    Alcohol by Litre (ABL)

    This is how the quantity of whisky is measured, by the litre

    Alcohol by Volume (ABV)

    This is the measure of the strength of the spirit. A whisky must be at least 40% ABV to be considered such

    Blended Malt

    These is a whisky made from various wholegrains, rather than a single grain/malt

    Bonded Warehouse

    This is a secure HMRC storage facility where whisky is stored whilst it is maturing


    This is the wooden barrel in which whisky is stored to mature


    Duty is a tax paid when you remove a cask from a bonded warehouse for bottling and onward sale to the retail market

    Ex-Bourbon Cask

    A cask that previously contained bourbon

    Malt Whisky

    This is a whisky produced only from malted barley, yeast and water. Whisky is essentially just distilled beer

    New Make Spirit

    This is whisky pre-maturing before it’s been cask-matured for at least 3 years – a clear, potent spirit

    Re-Charred Cask

    This is a cask that has been flame-burned, which adds an additional flavour profile to the spirit


    This is a test carried out every three years, after the first five years has passed, to test the alcohol strength and volume

    Single Cask Malts

    This is a whisky that comes from a single cask

    Single Malt

    This is a whisky made from just a single malt, usually barley

    Sleeper Distillery

    This is a distillery that has ceased production but still holds an inventory of casks


    Original Original litres of alcohol


    Re-gauged litres of alcohol

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