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Two letters that get your Whisky Cask Investment off to the right start


At Whisky by Time so much of our job is about trust. The trust we build between clients and the trust we’ve built up with a network of award-winning Scottish distilleries. Giving investors access to a diverse range of fine malts and the chance to build a varied portfolio.

Having worked in this field for well over a decade we’ve seen fads come and go, Whisky Cask Investment grow in popularity and in some cases notoriety. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if something looks too good to be true it probably is.

For us it’s very simple. We offer a straight forward, transparent approach. Using our expertise to firstly safeguard our client’s investments, to enable the growth. One without the other could leave you seriously compromised.

For this reason, I’d like to offer the following piece of advice to anyone thinking about making a Whisky Cask Investment. Always, always work with a broker who will give you a Delivery Order. Also described as a D.O or DO. Be extremely careful if you’re not offered one.

So why are those two letters so vitally important for investors?

A D.O is a receipt that documents your whisky investment between you and the distillery/warehouse. It’s the difference between owning your investment out right and…not.

It gives you full control and complete freehold of your whisky cask. It’s the equivalent of the logbook you receive when you buy a car, the deeds for when you buy a house, a receipt for any type of purchase.

It’s easy to see how people can be tempted into scheme which promise high returns and an umbrella insurance. But without a D.O you have absolutely no security.

So, what does a D.O look like?

It’s an electronic document which can vary in appearance from warehouse to warehouse. It must include the warehouse letterhead, details of the transaction and a signature from the warehouse keeper.  The industry standard is for the DO to be signed by the buyer and the seller of the cask, and then acknowledged by the warehouse where it is stored.

Added assurance

As well as giving you assurance that your own your whisky cask, it also means some basic housekeeping has have been met. For example, that the owner of the warehouse must possess a WOWGR. Now, while we know this doesn’t quite trip of the tongue, it’s a pretty essential licence granted by HMRC.

WOWGR stands for: “A warehouse keepers and owners of warehoused goods regulations”

It’s important as it allows the holder to legally buy, sell and store goods in HMRC-bonded warehouses. It also means a whole range of further checks have been carried out by HMRC before the licence is issued. Including director and shareholder background checks, business plans, letters of intent from suppliers and potential customers.

So, when in doubt ask for a D.O. You’ll won’t regret it. And if you’re interested in finding out more about Whisky Cask Investment please get in touch with Whisky by Time, we don’t think you’ll regret that either.

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