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I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis.” – Humphrey Bogart

Wise words from Humphrey Bogart.  He was clearly ahead of his time in appreciating the value of a fine Scottish malt. Fast forward a couple of years and today Scottish Whisky Casks are achieving the right kind of headlines.  Providing healthy tax-free returns for those looking to make a long-term investment. And with (post Brexit)…

India – ambitious tariff reductions

Senior officials from the United Kingdom and India have begun discussions on the potential Free Trade Agreement between the two countries.

Storm ahead for Scotland’s distilleries

Single malt whiskies are likely to quadruple in price over the next year as a result of a supply chain disruption. Experts have warned that Brexit, the epidemic, and surging demand have combined to create a ‘perfect storm’ that is threatening Scotland’s valued £5 billion dram export business, according to the experts.

Up to 28% price increase for 31 Japanese whiskies

Whisky is becoming a more popular drink throughout the world, which means more people to share a glass with, but also greater demand. Sadly, in Japan, this means a whiskey might sell out or disappear altogether due to demand exceeding supply. Or, due to a lack of demand, whiskey companies raise their pricing.

What effects will climate change have on Scotch whisky?

In a recent research commissioned by Ian Macleod’s Glengoyne distillery, various dangers to Scotch whisky have been identified as a result of the continued warming of the environment. Over the next fifty years, according to a study conducted by professor Mark Maslin and researcher Carole Roberts from University College London, anticipated temperature rises and changes…

Macallan Breaks World Record… Again for the most expensive Whisky Cask Sold at Auction for $2.33 Million

Sold at auction with a contemporary twist, the barrel was sold without a verification photo and instead with a non-transferable token (NFT). Another day, another astronomically-priced whiskey sales record – though this one was aided by some cutting-edge technology to get there. On Friday, a cask of Macallan 1991 Scotch whiskey sold at auction for…

Dad decides to retire early after his Scotch whisky collection nets him a £225,000 windfall.

A cask of single malt Macallan and a cask of Tobermory were purchased by Mr Parfitt in 1994, despite the fact that he was not an expert in whiskey. He received a 4,700 percent return on his investment despite not being an expert. It has been over 30 years since a father invested £4,700 on…

Negotiations on a post-Brexit trade agreement

When the post-Brexit transition period comes to an end, the United Kingdom will remove tariffs placed on US products in an effort to settle a transatlantic dispute and clear the way for a trade agreement with the incoming White House.