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Top Whisky Investing Trends 2024

Whisky Investing Trends to Watch in 2024

The global whisky market continues experiencing robust growth, valued at $56.8 billion in 2022 according to Market Research Future. The industry is projected to reach $83.32 billion by 2032 as demand for premium whiskies rises worldwide. While Scotland remains...
A Beginner's Guide to Scotch Whisky Investment

A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Scotch Whisky

As global fascination with whisky continues accelerating, scotch specifically has emerged as an intriguing alternative asset investment for some buyers. But for beginners intrigued to explore scotch’s investment potential further, the lengthy ageing process, diverse regional styles, and other...
Smart Whisky Investment Buying in London's Lucrative Market

Smart Whisky Investment Buying in London’s Lucrative Market

A potent mix of nostalgia and scarcity is pulling more investors than ever into rare British whiskies. As the whisky renaissance sweeps the region with over 130 distilleries operating currently, vintage bottles and casks from this integral cultural cornerstone...
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Luxury Whisky

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Luxury Whisky

Luxury whisky can be a lucrative investment if done properly. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid when investing in high-end whisky casks. As a cask whisky brokerage specialising in rare finds, we want our clients to maximise...
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“‘Tis the season” to invest in whisky – as demand exceeds supply

There are several events happening across the world at the moment that makes October and November an optimal time for a whisky cask collector. In summary, we are about to enter a period of high demand. And as everyone...