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Whisky by Time News Round Up – May 2023

Whisky by Time News Round Up – May 2023 Spring is in the air and as we welcome the sunshine here in the City here’s our round up of relevant news from around the world and closer to home. Some consistent themes are emerging; global investment into Scottish Whisky continues to grow as does consumer…

Two letters that get your Whisky Cask Investment off to the right start

At Whisky by Time so much of our job is about trust. The trust we build between clients and the trust we’ve built up with a network of award-winning Scottish distilleries. Giving investors access to a diverse range of fine malts and the chance to build a varied portfolio. Having worked in this field for…

Why it pays to invest in this liquid asset

Our founder Oliver O’Donovan recently featured in The Times to give his expert advice on Whisky Cask Investment. To find out more and how Whisky by Time can help click on the link below; SEE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Whisky by Time News Round Up – April 2023

‘Investors are turning to Scotch whisky as a means of not only growing but also protecting wealth in these times of high inflation and market instability.’ Herald Scotland 3/4/2023 We ended the financial year celebrating World Whisky Day on the 27 March and we start the new financial year with a buzz in the business…

I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis.” – Humphrey Bogart

Wise words from Humphrey Bogart.  He was clearly ahead of his time in appreciating the value of a fine Scottish malt. Fast forward a couple of years and today Scottish Whisky Casks are achieving the right kind of headlines.  Providing healthy tax-free returns for those looking to make a long-term investment. And with (post Brexit)…

India – ambitious tariff reductions

Senior officials from the United Kingdom and India have begun discussions on the potential Free Trade Agreement between the two countries.

Storm ahead for Scotland’s distilleries

Single malt whiskies are likely to quadruple in price over the next year as a result of a supply chain disruption. Experts have warned that Brexit, the epidemic, and surging demand have combined to create a ‘perfect storm’ that is threatening Scotland’s valued £5 billion dram export business, according to the experts.

Up to 28% price increase for 31 Japanese whiskies

Whisky is becoming a more popular drink throughout the world, which means more people to share a glass with, but also greater demand. Sadly, in Japan, this means a whiskey might sell out or disappear altogether due to demand exceeding supply. Or, due to a lack of demand, whiskey companies raise their pricing.