1. New clients should click the ‘sign up’ link. They will be asked to enter an email address and a mobile phone number. These will be used for account verification purposes.
  2. After logging into the new account, the customer will be instructed to go through the verification process. There are 4 stages to complete. Email OTP, Mobile OTP, Upload Proof of ID (passport) and Upload Proof of Address (bank statement or utility bill etc).
  3. Click on the first Email OTP stage. The window will display an empty box and next to it a ‘Send OTP’ button. At this stage the customer just needs to click the ‘Send OTP’ button, and wait for the OTP to arrive in their inbox (please check junk mail if nothing appears in the inbox after a few minutes). The email will contain a code. Enter the 4 digit code into the empty ‘Email OTP’ box and then click the ‘Next’ button.
  4. The system will take the customer to the next step, Mobile OTP. Repeat the same process – click the send OTP button and when the text message is sent to the phone number with a code, enter the 4 digits into the empty box – then click ‘Next’
  5. Personal details to be entered and upload a copy of the customer’s proof of ID (passport) – click ‘Next’
  6. Upload proof of address (bank statement or utility bill etc).
  7. The last stage will be labelled ‘Waiting for Verification Authorisation’. Presently there is not an automatic email being sent to confirm the authorisation. However, the authorisation is usually completed within 24hours and the customer can log out while waiting.

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