MeetOur founder

Oliver O’Donovan, the founder of Whisky By Time, has extensive experience in Sales, Securities, Derivatives, and Luxury Assets Portfolio Management. Oliver’s success is rooted in his ethos and character. He’s positive and passionate in all he engages.

His years of expertise in Sales, brokerage, and trading have equipped him with the skills necessary to manage high-net-worth clients and network with C-suite executives from a variety of industries. Oliver has established a solid reputation. Throughout the years, he has collaborated with a variety of merchants, traders, brokers and distilleries to source and acquire stocks of superb, rare, and highly coveted whisky.

Oliver set up Whisky by Time in 2021 and has a long-standing relationships with many of his current clients – helping individuals and organisations build profitable whisky portfolios.

Whisky by Time is networked to distilleries across Scotland and Ireland offering access to a diverse set of casks.  This is critical for collecting, as it is necessary to pick not just well-known distilleries, but also those that supply some of the world’s largest whisky mix brands, such as ‘Johnnie Walker’ and Grants’.

Whisky By Times Founder Oliver O’Donovan

OurRecent Events

Ireland Trip 2023
Our summer trip to Ireland took us to some very special distilleries in Galway. Where we got to sample some beautiful Irish whisky, meet the whisky makers and learn more about their brilliant sustainable approach. It turns out whisky collecting can be good for the environment.
Jeru Social
We like bringing our clients together to enjoy fine whisky and to discover more about what makes each vintage so special. Our Jeru Social event in September was the perfect opportunity to do just this. Great whisky was sampled, great conversations were had. For us whisky collecting is all about experience, knowledge and good times.

Howit works

We source whisky from the very best distilleries in Scotland and Ireland, which we purchase at discounted rates (attractive to the distillery as they can cover their upfront costs).
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These rates attract investors, who purchase casks outright. The casks are then stored in a secure, government-bonded warehouse and fully insured.
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Sit back and wait, as your casks increase in value – we recommend at least 5 to 7 years. The insurance is updated yearly in accordance with the increased value.
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When you’re ready to exit, various strategies are available, including bottling under your own label or selling on to a whisky brand.
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